“Crafted in the Country”

Our Story at Farm Country
Our Story.

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A love for high quality and flavourful craft beer started us on this exciting journey. Along the way, we have been inspired by all of the wonderful people that we have met throughout the craft beer industry who make it a truly one of a kind industry. The overwhelming support and encouragement from our friends and family has played a major role in getting us to where we are today to help us live out our dream.

Langley was, and still largely is, farm country! We want to share our love of craft beer with the community we grew up in. With every can, bottle, glass or growler that we fill, we will strive to deliver the exceptional customer service of days gone by. Our brewery is built on the traditional old-fashioned country values of hard work, honesty, helping your fellow neighbour, working together and rewarding yourself at the end of a hard day’s work with a well-deserved brew.

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Our Philosophy

Canning Line Farm Country

We brew our beer with the philosophy that a product is only as good as the ingredients, time, and care that go into creating it. Our beers are shaped by the region that we call home, the Fraser Valley, where new meets old. This unique blend of old-fashioned tradition and youthful enthusiasm inspires us to create beers that are fresh, flavourful and innovative yet still stay true to the traditions of old-world styles. Balanced and delicious is the goal for every beer we brew!

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