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Live Music Nights Friday and Saturday at Farm Country Brewing

Join us for a laid-back evening of live music at Farm Country Brewing! It’s a unique blend of acoustics and brews, where the local music scene and our craft beer create a well-deserved weekend vibe. We proudly host the best local artists every Friday and Saturday between 7 and 10 pm, so make sure to swing by.

We have an eclectic lineup of local musicians who are ready to entertain you with anything from catchy country music to high-energy rock. Not to gloat, but we feel there’s more to our live music nights than just tunes and beers. There’s a certain charm here that keeps our guests coming back. What could it be? We reckon you’ll have to pop in and experience it yourself.

Unwind With Live Music at FCB

Langley’s downtown is always buzzing, but we aim to offer music fans a unique, relaxing spot. We have beautiful tunes on tap every Friday and Saturday night, showcasing local musicians like Steve Half Nights and Emmett Jerome Music in our lively tasting room from 7 pm to 10 pm.

It’s not just about the music, though. It’s about the ambiance, the craft beers, and the feeling of camaraderie that makes these evenings stand out. It’s more than a get-together – it’s a festive celebration of our community, artistic expression, and the love for a good time. So, why not drop by? Soak up the valley vibes, sample our variety of craft beers, and make some unforgettable memories. We consider you more than just a visitor at this brewery – you’re part of the family. So, here’s to music, quality brews, and unforgettable nights.


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Notable Past Performances

We’ve definitely had some genuinely sensational gigs at our Live Music Nights. One night, Tony Stevens simply blew us away with his electrifying performance. And who could forget when Daniel Wesley took the stage and had us all on our feet? Those were nights to remember, for sure. And the excitement is palpable as we count down to March 2nd, 2024 – that’s the day Courtney Hunt’s brand new single is set to drop!


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Tony Stevens’ Concert Highlights

There’s something magical about a live music performance at our brewery, and Tony Stevens’ concert was nothing short of spectacular. His soulful voice and dynamic guitar playing left us mesmerized. Tony has a way of connecting with his audience that makes everyone feel like a part of something special.

Daniel Wesley’s Memorable Show

The night Daniel Wesley energized the floor with his dynamic performance is a memory that still lingers. Our tasting room became a mesmerizing stage of traditional country and contemporary rock where Wesley’s spirited rhythm and enduring songs stirred the crowd’s soul, transforming onlookers into active show participants. While we eagerly await Courtney Hunt’s new release, the recollection of Daniel Wesley’s gig keeps our toes tapping.

Courtney Hunt’s Upcoming Release

In early March, we threw a rocking release party for the excellent Courtney Hunt at our brewery. Courtney, a seriously gifted artist, has been creating quite a buzz around town. We were so excited to be the venue for this ticketed event, allowing everyone to witness her music magic live.

Courtney’s unique rhythm and heartfelt performances make for a show that can’t be missed! Come join us, mingle with our vibrant community and make lasting memories. This is more than just a gig; it recognizes talent, unity, and local flavour.

Nashville Nights Series Collaboration

We’re super excited to team up with the BC Country Music Association and Valley Entertainment Group for the Nashville Nights Series. This unique event, happening once each season with us, is all about showcasing live music, and we’re bringing the essence of Nashville’s music scene straight to L-city.

Our brewery comes alive with the energy and rhythm of Nashville-inspired music. Join us for a night filled with great music and community spirit. We’re looking forward to welcoming you to our Nashville Nights Series!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need to Make a Reservation to Attend Live Music Nights at Farm Country Brewing?

You’re excited about our Live Music Nights – that’s fantastic! You don’t have to reserve a spot, but ensuring you’ve got one is a good idea. We’re all about making great memories together in our local community.

Are Children Allowed at the Live Music Nights?

Absolutely! We’re all for having kids join in on our live music nights. Everyone, regardless of age, should get to enjoy the magic of music and the warmth of community. So, bring your kids along and let’s have some family-friendly fun together!

Can I Bring My Own Food or Drink to the Live Music Nights?

We’re thrilled you’re considering coming to our Live Music Nights! Regrettably, we can’t have guests bring in their own food or drinks. But don’t fret! We have an excellent selection of tasty meals and artisanal beers right here at our venue for you to savour while enjoying the tunes.

How Can Local Musicians Sign up to Perform at the Live Music Nights?

We’re always thrilled to see new local artists! If you’re a musician and thinking about showing off your skills during our live music nights, we invite you to apply to perform via this performance application. We believe in creating a lively, inclusive space for everyone through the shared love of music. Come and be a part of our community!