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Live Music

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The greatest combination since peanut butter and jam has arrived at Farm Country! Live music and tasty beer! The Fraser Valley is bursting with talented musicians, and we’ve got the perfect location for them to showcase their skills. So what are you sitting at home for? Get off the couch and come on down where the tunes will be playing, and the taps will be flowing!

LOCATION: #5 – 20555 56 Ave, Langley City, BC V3A 3Y9

Our List of Upcoming Performers

Musicians are on stage from 7:00 to 10:00 pm (unless otherwise stated).


Antonio Larosa, 7th
Dani Black, 8th
Ben Crosby, 14th
John Welsh, 15th
Robyn Froese, 21st
Elliot C Way, 22nd
Mark Schurch, 28th
Ryan McAllister, 29th


Steve Halfnights, 4th
Ben Cottrill, 5th
Antonio Larosa, 11th
Almost Famous, 12th
Patrick Gavigan, 18th
Josh Petersen, 19th
Jordan Burgess, 25th
Steve Marriott, 26th